Bauhaus rotary switches

Our rotary switches are a synthesis of practical Bauhaus design with the transparency of real glass, the functionality of plastic and the elegance of porcelain.

The series includes rotary switches, dimmer switches, mains sockets, telephone sockets and antenna sockets, plus many other items.

These glass switches, or more precisely, flush-mounting rotary switches with glass cover panels were first manufactured around 1920.  And even if many would simply raise a smile and call it an act of nostalgia, these switches are now being produced again. However, we prefer to interpret it as a return to the early days of the functional design form, just as Bauhaus intended.

It is no coincidence that switches with this design are, quite naturally, evident in several places throughout Bauhaus Book No. 3 – A Bauhaus Test House in Weimar (‘Ein Versuchshaus des Bauhauses’ in Weimar), compiled by Adolf Meyer, Albert Langen Verlag, Munich 1924. 

Their unembellished form coupled with the transparency of the glass mean that these switches can be used on any wall: wallpaper, paintwork and other wall coatings remain visible through the glass, and the structure of the wall surface is only briefly interrupted. The separate glass panels mean that switches, dimmers, sockets, etc., can be combined as required or fitted singly. 

Naturally, the technical characteristics of the units are in line with current standards, so your planning and installation activities can progress as usual. 

The cover panels are either made of real glass, real porcelain, or high-quality plastic, and comply with safety regulations. Switches and sockets bear the VDE and CE markings. 

All cover panels in the Bauhaus switch series are made of hardened glass, black or white porcelain, or black or white plastic (and are also available in surface mounting versions). 

Our range of rotary switches gives you great design flexibility: you are free to combine colours and materials as you wish!

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